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Whether it was a splendid early summer or late spring evening, they did not remember this precisely.

Instead, they remembered the exaltation and enthusiasm they breathed that evening, when they decided that they would take full possession of their lives, starting their own business.

Especially since they had worked for a long time in a multinational company in the sector, and had to sell
Especially since the knowledge acquired in the field was complementary and precisely what was needed for
the adventure they were about to face: one was involved in design,
and he would have had no difficulty in the technical part; another worked in sales, and design and
marketing were his daily bread; the third, finally, knew everyone
the secrets of production and would have no problem translating the ideas into reality. For some time now,
a fixed idea had been stirring in their brains: to design a product from scratch that combines aesthetic
beauty with functionality,
efficiency with performance, a selling price within everyone's reach with a high quality standard: in short, it
was a question of making a product that did not exist until then, of conceiving "the" product that would
become the new reference for the market.