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- Available shippings: Costa Rica(Free), Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras -

The Caldino series, which began with the Caldino 7.5 and Caldino 12 models, is a versatile and functional range of products, that meets the needs of the most demanding customers and in the most diverse situations.

Born from the intuition of three friends, who combined the technical skills of their professional experiences with the “innate” design of their being “Made in Italy”, the Caldino series combines advanced technical performance with an attractive design, unique and recognizable by the imprint  of the taste of Italy.

But that’s not all: the caldino series, in addition to combining performance and design, is characterized for a pushed optimization of energy consumption, which makes it respectful of the environment, for the benefit of ours and future generations and a friend of the consumer’s finances.

In conclusion, the potential of Caldino series manifests itself from every point of view and can be summarized in the philosophy that inspired its creation: “always satisfy the most diverse and demanding needs of customers, with elegance and efficiency”.